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Clad in flame-retardant lab gear of his own design, heat curling through his fingers, the mad genius Rotwang knows this world is his to burn.

With his ambitions fueled by FALCORP's nearly unlimited funds, Rotwang seeks to truly meld with the blaze; to move as it moves; to devour as it devours. From palm-sized balls of eternal damnation to a rocket pack that lets him move as gracefully as smoke, he channels the power of fire as though it were his own breath.

As the luminous heart of the flame caresses him from all sides, Rotwang attains a clarity of mind few can imagine. From ashes we came, and to ashes he will gladly return all who would stand in the way of the power he seeks.


A self-taught brawler forged in the fires of the soot-covered Workers' District, Rory Lyons knows that when fighting is necessary it is best to win decisively.

Growing up in the slums of Tinker Town where survival is a full-time job, Rory battles the formless injustices of the lower class. His iron knuckles, armored knees, and smelter-rated boots reinforce his powerful blows, making him a strong contender in the underground fighting spectacles that serve to slake the restless city's thirst for blood.

Despite his reputation, glory and fame are the furthest things from his mind - if words carried the power of steel-clad anger he would gladly never clench another fist. Underneath his rough exterior Rory is a man of simple tastes, including baseball, street hot dogs, and books on metallurgy. His faithful companion Alloy also enjoys all three!


Get outta the way, she's comin' in hot!

Rhobelia Hilyard Darling III - "Ruby" to, well, everyone except her parents - is a spirited and speedy courier for the Ostrich X-Press.

Despite her natural talent for turning mere accidents into all-out catastrophes, Ruby still manages to be the fastest 'strich on the street. With her nifty rocket roller skates she's got momentum on her side, which is always a plus against the traffic jams and thick crowds of New Libertis. (Okay, almost always.) Though she's a staunch companion to those who earn her trust, Ruby isn't one to take an ounce of disrespect - real or imagined - and she's never afraid to put her bubblegum where her mouth is. A woman of many musings and careful planning, she - hey, what's this button do?!


Having long ago abandoned his given name to become an agent of the shadows, "Fritz" is a master of poisons, a skillful assassin, and a sadistic adversary. With his coat concealing countless instruments of exquisite precision and his mask concealing his fading humanity, he enjoys pain. From either side.

Through decades of Wynant Society education in the art of silence and death, Fritz has learned the true value of a human life...and he requires payment in gold.


Eleanora has big dreams. She's going to be living the high-life one day, people waiting on her hand and foot and everyone is going to know her name. And she's going to be respected. But it's going to take a lot of work as her adoptive family, the LaPointe Mafia, don't give her any recognition.

Eleanora Maria Buccio was a street rat most of her life, she turned to crime at a very young age after dropping out of grade school. Her only real family were two thick-headed, yet loyal, mates; Brick and Weasel. Eleanora is the smartest of LaPointe's goons by far. She is obsessive about upholding her style at all times and has a “devil may care” attitude.

Educated by the streets, she's quick to anger, never turns down a challenge, and a showboat to boot. El is a dirty fighter, and has no qualms about using any or all objects around her (or hidden in her colossally cavernous trouser pocket) to get the upper hand. Just don't scuff her outfit (a sure death sentence).


Nyra is wise beyond her years, being schooled in the spiritual as well as the sacred fighting arts of her people. To her, each battle holds a lesson to be learned, which brings her closer to enlightenment. Sattva Bhūmi's fighting arts, based in an ancient form of grappling, are taught to villagers starting at age 3.

After her village was destroyed, and their sacred statue bonded to her mysteriously, Nyra makes something of a name for herself in the underground fight clubs of the city as a wrestling spectacle, but her true motives are to learn more about the shadowy hands that caused the tragedy in her homeland.


Dieselmech is a naive autonomous machine, but still a powerful force to be reckoned with in any battle. With his sheer mass and powerful gadgetry, Dieselmech will do everything in his power to protect his new friend… and can come to the aid of those in need.

One particular metal soldier retains a spark of the professor's original ideals, brought forth by a lonely stray kitten.