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ESRB Rating: RP
Modus Games

Diesel Punk Fisticuffs

Thirty-five years ago, the city of New Libertis was born from an explosive boom of technological marvels. In this new age, industrialist Hieronymus Frazer seeks to secure his legacy and usher in a grand ascension for humanity's elite. To that end, anything and everything may be sacrificed for his greater vision. The fate of the city is in your hands!

Diesel Legacy is a hand-drawn 2v2 fighting game - four players on two teams. Each beautiful stage features three lanes to freely move between, and even when a player is defeated their fight isn't over! Work together to extend combos, parry attacks from beyond the grave, channel your essence to assist your teammate, and secure the double knockout!

2v2 Team

Teams & Free For All

Up to four players will battle it out across a variety of stages, in teams, or as a wild free for all!

Full Online Play

Full Online Play

Featuring RealMatch™ Worldwide Rollback Netplay!

Full Story Mode

Full Story Mode

Dive into the rich and immersive Dieselpunk inspired world and join the fight for tomorrow!

And Much More

And Much More!

Robust training modes, fully interactive replay system, casual and ranked modes, and more await.

Hand Drawn 2D Animation

Diesel Legacy looks as good as it plays. Every animation is meticulously hand drawn by our animation team, frame by frame, in addition to a whole array of hand drawn visual effects, stages, and more!

Rough Animation

Characters feature approximately 800 frames of meticulously crafted artwork.

Line Animation

HD sprite frames (line, shade and color data) are layered and composited together blended in engine.

Game Animation

Characters and stages take advantage of dynamic lighting and other shader FX for a detailed and polished result.

How to Play

A unique twist on the traditional fighting game formula.

Teams (2v2)

Teams (2v2)

Work with your teammate to extend combos, escape pressure, and surprise opponents!

3 Lanes, 1 Battle

Fighting Lanes

Move between three fixed lanes to maneuver around the stage, engage opponents one-on-one, and assist your partner.


Meltdown Meter

Build meter throughout the fight to unleash devastating supers that can turn the tide of any battle.

Team Assists

Last Breath

The fight isn't over after you're knocked-out! Assist your teammate from beyond the grave!